Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007 Winter Awarded Song Po Oolong

San Francisco CA, Jan. 13 2007
Tea: 2007 Winter Awarded Song Po Oolong
Cultivar: Chin shin (green-centered) oolong
Location: Ming Jian, Nan Tou, Taiwan
Purchased: Hou De Asain Art website

Jams: Yoshi Wadalament for the rise and fall of the elephantine crocodile” compact disc.

Let me first thank Alex Cobb for pointing me towards this tasty Oolong. The guy never stears me wrong. So, living in San Francisco, I generally don’t have to buy tea online, but when I do, Hou De, mentioned here in pervious posts, is a fine place to get stuff. Apparently an award winning Oolong (From The Hou De Site: We are very glad to introduce the awarded Song Po oolong from 2007 Winter Tea Competition in Ming Jian, Nan Tou.) that is remarkably reasonably priced. $11.50 for a 2oz bag! Which means It makes for a great everyday Oolong that I can have at work, where more often than not I’m drinking at a more hurried pace then I would while at home.

The first & second infusions of this tea are very buttery and round, with a subtle honey quality, and nice floral overtones in the fragrance. Very pleasant to drink. The third infusion brought out a trace of astringency on the front & sides of the palate that I really enjoy. I have yet to push this one past three infusions, so no idea how it would hold up. You try it out and let me know. Big beautiful leaves opened up by the end. Overall a very worthwhile and inexpensive Oolong that’s easy on the pocketbook and tasty as hell.


gd said...

amen on the yoshi wada! i just picked up that reissue too.

ill have to check out Hou De. i just got my order from red blossom. enjoying the teas i got so far.
ill pick my fave and write about it soon.

Tony Cross said...

nice post cantu! that was a sweet oolong and i think i will be paying a visit to hou de very soon!