Friday, July 18, 2008

tao of tea

just got back from a trip to the northwest. made another stop at floating leaves tea house in seattle and picked up some excellent baozhong wuyi oolong and some great ali shan oolong. their taiwanese oolongs are superb.

dropped into the tao of tea in portland twice for some good tea (and good food). second time i had "Golden Lily" which is a Jin Xuan native varietal of Central Taiwan. it was okay, kind of a basic oolong without much upper spectrum. good though.

on the first visit, i had one of their Old Growth Teas from 2005. i had the Nannuo Shan Mao Cha from Nannuo Mountain, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, China. this was a really wonderful green type of puer which i had gongfu style. it had a complex green puer flavor that revealed lots of subtleties through each steeping. i really liked this tea and it made me feel great! my wife mandy had a really nice spiced tulsi tea blend called 'shanti'.