Sunday, February 15, 2009

winter tea

hi friends,
thought id just post a quick thing here to hopefully stimulate some new action on the blog. i like this blog and i dont want to see it die.

ive been drinking alot of tea lately from tao of tea.
my favorites right now are their
nepali oolong - its a nice earthy oolong with a flavor unlike other more typical oolongs from asia. maybe its the soil or the mountains or the vibes, who knows....its good.
yuqian dragonwell - if you like a good dragonwell, this one is quite nice. its got some cool peppery tones in there

and im out now, but i really really enjoyed the high mountain green oolong from imperial tea. its an affordable tea with high spirits!

music today = warren burt 'harmonic colour fields' - just intonation and weird tuning systems synth drone and ambient music

music ongoing = my forthcoming album for kranky, 'mutually arising'

what have you been drinking and listening to?